Audition Information

Important Dates

July 12th - Video submission information will be released
July 19th  - Video applications open
August 4th - Video application deadline
August 14th - Applicants will be notified whether they are invited to the callback
August 30th - September 3rd In-person auditions. All dancers will be notified of their status within several days.
September 20th - Potential start date


Accepting submissions from July 19-August 4, 2021

1.     A phrase based on the Company’s style and mode of moving and similar to what we would offer in a live audition setting can be found on Vimeo. This is a private link and is downloadable for your convenience.

- Please learn the material and record yourself in a space large enough for the material to be explored fully.

- Have the music playing on a separate device and loud enough to be picked up on the recording. A sound file for the music can be  downloaded here:

 - Make sure that you are recording horizontally on your phone, tablet or computer and that you are not back lit so that we can see your face.

- Record two versions of this phrase:

* Version 1: Dance the phrase as you see it, giving a clear understanding of the phrase’s musicality and physicality.

* Version 2: Staying true to the phrase’s linear choreography and timing, please make personal artistic choices in your dancing and approach to the material. Let us see who you are.

All videos must be unedited footage. We will not review any video submissions that have been altered in any way.

2.     Please provide a current one-page resume.

3.     Please provide a current photo of yourself. The photo does not need to be a professional headshot.

4.     Audition Form and Uploading Documents:

- You will need a Google Account in order to access the audition form. If you do not have one, you can create one easily and for free.

- There is a maximum 10MB to upload your photo and resume.

- We prefer for your video to be public so that we can have quicker access to it, however if you need your video to be private, please provide a password. All videos must be downloadable. Please make sure all links are workable before submitting. If your video link is not accessible, we will contact you only once for you to fix it.

- All of these items can be uploaded beginning July 19th using the link below. The link will be inactive until that date.

You will receive an automatic email -thank you for applying/auditioning through virtual submission.  

In-Person Callback

Based on virtual submissions, the Company will be asking a select group of artists to join them
in the studio for a callback session from August 30-September 3, 2021 in New York City.
Audition times will roughly be from 10-4pm EDT. More information regarding location and
accessibility will be emailed prior to the audition.

Proof of COVID vaccination will be needed for in-person auditions. If you are not vaccinated, a
negative test result 48 hours prior to the audition will be requested and a mask will need to be
worn throughout the process. Anyone offered a position will be required to be vaccinated before
the first day of rehearsals.

In person auditions will be kept to small groups. Expect to learn excerpts from repertory,
followed by creative work. We will make cuts throughout the process. A limited group will be
asked to join the Company for the final days in a rehearsal situation.

For questions regarding the audition please reach out to

What We’re Looking For

Please be familiar with the company if you are choosing to audition. DOVA repertory manifests
in a wide array of styles and physicalities ranging from intimate gestural work to spacious, full-
bodied movement. Repertory has been performed by artists with a broad range of movement
disciplines. DOVA’s individual movement style has developed over the past 35 years and is at
the base of every creative process. This style emanates from how the dancing body uses weight
through movement, giving untethered access to the limbs and torso. The work embraces the
honesty and individuality that each artist brings to the process. Elements of contemporary and
modern dance forms, floor work, improvisation, and partnering are commonly recruited within
the collaborative creative process.

In addition to the Company’s performance and creative outlets, DOVA is a teaching company
that works with a wide range of ages and proficiencies (K-12, pre and professional artists,
seniors) and teaching skills are essential to have or be interested in honing.

Company members have historically remained with the company for several years, adding to the
creative dialogues that have become so crucial to our process. With that, we are interested in
working with artists who are interested in working and investing with us.

Anyone offered a position will be required to be fully vaccinated before the first day of

What We’re Offering

Paid rehearsal weeks, touring and NYC season performances
Domestic and International touring
Monthly stipend for wellness and general health

Compensation and Benefits

Rehearsals are paid hourly. Current rates are between $20-26/hour. 
The Company generally works a 20-hour rehearsal week.
Performance/Tour Salary ranges from $500-850/week.
All wages are commensurate with experience as paid as W-2. 
The Company offers multiple opportunities for teaching and staging, which pay additionally.
Company benefits include a monthly stipend for wellness and general health and the potential to
expand into administrative work for additional pay.

Company Expectations

Artists are expected to be available for all rehearsal, touring, workshop, and performance dates.
Artists are responsible for arriving for all scheduled company events on time. Artists are
responsible for learning and retaining repertory and may be required to learn repertory from

Company Calendar

The Company’s calendar for 2021-22 season is still currently being created and is subject to
change. The Company generally works between 25-32 weeks per year (over a 52-week period),
contingent on touring, creative projects and funding. Potential start date is September 20th
followed by immediate rehearsals and fall touring. A full season calendar will be shared with
those being called back.

Who We Are

The 2021-22 season marks the beginning of Doug Varone and Dancers (DOVA) 36th season. 
The Company has toured to more than 125 cities in 45 states across the US and in Europe, Asia,
Canada, and South America. Stages include The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, Brooklyn
Academy of Music, New York City Center, San Francisco Performances, London’s Queen
Elizabeth Hall, Toronto’s Harbourfront, Moscow’s Stanislavsky Theatre, Buenos Aires’ Teatro
San Martin, the Venice Biennale, Tokyo’s Marble Hall and the Bates, Jacob’s Pillow and
American Dance Festivals. In opera and theatre, the Company regularly collaborates on the
many Varone-directed or choreographed productions that have been produced around the world.
Doug Varone, his dancers and collaborators are the recipients of 11 Bessie Awards. Doug
Varone and Dancers continue to be among the most sought-after ambassadors and educators in
the field. The company's multi-discipline residency programs take audiences deeper into the
work, with a hands-on approach that moves beyond the studio to speak directly to people of all
ages and backgrounds, both dancers and non-dancers alike.

DOVA Mission Statement

DOVA, Inc (aka Doug Varone and Dancers) exists to explore the
creative vision of choreographer and director Doug Varone and his artistic collaborators. At the
core of the organization is a commitment to creating safe environments to work and imagine in,
for all its employees. DOVA’s artistic investigations dig deep into the storytelling of human
nature engaging in dialogue with diverse audiences and creative communities globally. Sharing
these authentic connections through its work and process informs every aspect of the
organization, particularly its extensive educational platforms. DOVA’s vision is primed by the
many voices we encounter, which actively inspires the foundations of how and why we teach,
share and create.

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