Current Repertory

Nocturnes I & II

2017 | Solo performer | 

Music by Chopin

Nocturnes I Lighting Design by David Ferri

Nocturnes II Lighting Design by Stacey Boggs

In 1987, Doug Varone created a solo for himself set to Chopin's Nocturne #8 in D Flat Major, Opus 27, #2. This seminal work explored the blur between pedestrian movement and pure dance, and set in motion a vocabulary and style that Varone has been mining ever since. Now thirty years later, Varone choreographs its companion: another solo for himself to Chopin's Nocture in E Minor,Opus 72. Like bookends framing a career, Varone premiered the new Nocturne sid-by-side with its original.

Nocturne I premiered on August 26, 1987, in chilmark, MA. Created in residence at The Yard. Nocturne II premiered on August 2, 2017, at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival in Becket, MA, alongside Nocturne I.


Photo:  Brooke Trisolini

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