At the heart of every work, is pure dance making and the creative relationship with my dancers is paramount to this process. I work within a very liberal and open atmosphere, and as a result the dancers are great allies in my dance making. They are intuitive interpreters of the work that I imagine. Its this great trust that allows the work to flourish. - DOUG VARONE

everything is fine

Inspired by the complex, haunting imagery of Billy Collin's poetry, "everything is fine" unfolds in seven interwoven narratives mapping an array of themes: love, solitude, separation, forgiveness, and aging. With a multi-generational cast of 16 artists, the work delves deep into our memories, creating intimate portraits of ordinary lives.

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Orpheus and Euridice

The original production of Orpheus and Euridice was presented by Lincoln Center Great Performers and American Songbook, New Visions in October 2005 and was awarded a 2006 OBIE Special Citation.

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The Bottomland

Premiered at the Ohio Theatre in New York City

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Original cast: Nancy Bannon, Adriane Fang, Merceditas Manago, Faye Driscoll, Larry Hahn, Eddie Taketa, Daniel Charon, Keith Johnson

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Dense Terrain

Premiere: May 15, 2007 12 performers, 1 hour 15 minutes

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