Past Works


2015 | 35 minutes | 8 dancers

Music by Michael Gordon

ReComposed is a visual dance creation inspired by American abstract artist Joan Mitchell’s pastel drawings, set to Michael Gordon’s explosive score, Dystopia. With gestural, sometimes violent brushwork, Mitchell described her paintings as “an organism that turns in space.” I recognize this visceral energy within my own dance making, creating human moving landscapes that hauntingly echo Mitchell’s explosions on canvas.

"Varone created a moving work of art." THE DURHAM HERALD SUN
"Mr. Varone is uncommonly adept in setting a stage aswirl with lines of energy. Bodies tangle and untangle at high speed, with limbs loosely flying, and if their paths left marks in the air, the result might indeed resemble one of the Mitchell pastels that are the inspiration for ‘ReComposed." THE NEW YORK TIMES

photo Erin Baiano

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