Summer WORKSHOP 2022

SUNY Purchase | Purchase, New York

June 12 - July 2, 2022


After two years online, we are eager to return to the studio live this summer and hope you’ll join us. The 2022 Summer Workshop marks our 23rd year of teaching and sharing our work and process. I’ve always seen this intensive as a way of channeling the philosophy of the dances we create into a shared experience. For three weeks, we’ll live together, work together, grow together and create together on Purchase’s beautiful campus. The Company builds a safe haven that allows you to challenge yourself in both mind and body and explore the individual qualities that we each possess as artists. I am confident that the personal teaching approach of the Company will leave you with new ideas, new answers and new questions about why we all do what we do: DANCE.



$1,350       Register before March 20 (Early Bird Discount)

$1,500       March 21 – May 8



Registration Fee. $50 Non-refundable.


If you have questions about registering, please email


February 19 - March 20: Early Bird Registration

March 20: Last Day for Early Bird

April 3: Application deadline Work-Study Scholarship

May 21: Last Day to Register

May 28: Final Payment Due + Housing Deadline

June 12:

12:00 – 3:00 Check-in

4:00 - 5:30 Orientation

June 12-July 2: Summer Workshop

July 2nd: Check out Day


8:00-8:50 OPTIONAL Warm-up Somatic Class

9:00-10:45 Technique

11:00-12:00 Phrasework

12:00-2:15 LUNCH/Open Company Rehearsals

2:15-3:45 Ballet / Improv

4:00-5:45 Electives

7:30 Evening Events


Morning Warm Up (Optional): This class is designed to help prepare the body for each day, while providing knowledge that can be carried into your future self-care and injury prevention.

Modern Technique: This highly technical, movement-based class investigates the line of human movement and how it can affect the broader strokes of our dancing. Through the expansive use of the back and limbs, Varone’s style will be explored through an emphasis on breath, strength, dynamic lyricism, and musicality.

Phrasework: Individual phrases created on the spot as well as phrases from the Company repertory will be investigated in this class. Participants will focus on quick assimilation and exploration of movement in terms of quality and musicality.

Ballet: In this class, participants will be encouraged to nurture and expand ballet’s technical and expressive parameters, while exploring the ever-shifting balance between the rigor and ease of the form. Each participant will take ballet for half of the three weeks.

Improvisation: Improvisation will provide an opportunity for participants to hone in on their individuality, creativity, and ability to make choices in the moment. Each participant will take improvisation for half of the three weeks.


Participants will choose one elective class from the list below for the entire Summer Workshop.

  • Repertory - Large Work: Company members will stage a section of one of Varone’s larger group works on participants for an informal performance at the end of the workshop. The class will focus on movement dynamics and spatial awareness within group choreography, as duets and solos gather seamlessly into group explosions of choreographed chaos.
  • Repertory - Exploring Excerpts: This class will spend short intense spans of time exploring excerpts (i.e., duets, trios, etc.) from a variety of pieces, offering an overview of Varone's work. Through this investigation, the class will experience the wide range of movement dynamics, emotional nuance and spatial architecture inherent in Varone's choreography.
  • Choreographic Devices with Doug Varone: Varone will emphasize compositional structure and explore new devices for expanding and inventing material. A large body of material will be created, varied and manipulated both in and out of the studio, pushing towards the development of a new work utilizing the material built in class. This is for participants seriously interested in choreography. Participants who rank Choreographic Devices as their first or second choice should submit a choreographic resume and a link to video footage of a recently choreographed work. Please send to no later than May 22nd.
  • New Work: This class will focus on the creation of a new work by a company member. Participants will be involved in the creative process and will have the opportunity to explore the personal and performance aspects of the dance throughout the three weeks.


  • Daily company rehearsals open for student observation
  • Lecture/Demonstrations
  • Improvisation Jams
  • Special Workshops
  • Social Events


Due to COVID-19, DOVA strongly encourages students participants to stay on the SUNY Purchase campus to give us the ability to make a small community bubble and help limit exposure risk.

  • The housing arrangements will have four (4) participants per apartment. All rooms are singles.
  • Apartments include washer/dryer, fridge, stove, and a microwave. To find out more detailed information on the Alumni Apartments at SUNY Purchase go here.
  • Roommate assignments will be made after registration closes and your housing payment is complete.
  • You will be sent a form to complete to help us assign roommates.
  • If you already know who you want to room with, please request that person on the form and have that person request you as a roommate.  


We award a limited number of work-study scholarships each year, based on an application process. Awards generally range from $150-750, with a workload that corresponds to the amount of the award. Work-study assignments will not conflict with your attendance in the workshop, and are generally scheduled during lunch breaks or at the end of the day.

  • Applicants must be registered for the workshop before applying for a scholarship.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically by April 3rd.
  • Applicants will be notified by mid-April.



DOVA is closely monitoring all regulations regarding COVID-19 and is continuing to update the Intensive's COVID-19 policies in compliance with SUNY Purchase, CDC, and New York State Guidelines.

  • DOVA and participants will abide by SUNY Purchase’s Covid Policies.
  • DOVA requires a negative test two days prior to the start of the workshop and within three days into the workshop. PCR tests will be required once every week throughout our three weeks together.
  • If a positive COVID-19 case arises, quarantine housing will be made available.
  • Participants are required to be fully-vaccinated, including additional booster shot.
  • Participants will wear face masks at all times when in public indoor spaces or at social gatherings with the workshop.
  • Participants are responsible for providing a personal face mask.  
  • Participants will answer a health survey every morning before going to the studios.
  • If you are feeling unwell you will be asked to isolate and take a test. You can only return by providing a negative test result.
  • Any and all personal items (dance wear, etc) should not be shared with other participants.
  • When having snacks and water, we ask you to maintain social distance, and not share food and water with other attendees.
  • Only bottle refills at a water fountain are permitted. Drinking directly from a water fountain is prohibited.
  • DOVA will clean and disinfect every room at the end of each day of use.  

Free PCR tests will be available on SUNY Purchase’s campus at the Performing Arts Center.


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