Summer WORKSHOP 2024

Summer Workshop 2024

NYC | Hunter College

June 3-14, 2024

For pre-professional and professional dancers, the Summer Workshop provides two weeks of immersive technical training, creative work, and exposure to the company’s style.



DOVA’s 2024 Summer Workshop marks its 25th year and to celebrate this milestone we are holding it for the first time ever in NYC. We are excited to be partnering with Hunter College and share our teaching and work in their spacious studios, creating a safe haven to explore and delve into new ideas and ways of moving and thinking. Throughout the years, I’ve always seen this intensive as a way of channeling the philosophy of the dances we create into a shared experience, allowing you to challenge yourself in both mind and body, and revealing the individual qualities that we each possess as artists. We hope that being in NYC allows for many of you to join us on our home turf and I am confident that the personal teaching approach of the Company will leave you inspired.


Tuition Week 1 Only: $560

Early Bird Tuition - 2 Weeks (through April 14): $1050

Tuition - 2 Weeks (beginning April 15): $1120


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February 23: Registration opens

April 14: Last day for Early Bird registration

May 10: Last day to Register

May 13: Final payment due

June 3-7: Week One of Summer Workshop

June 10-14: Week Two of Summer Workshop


10:00-11:45 Technique

12:00-1:15 Partnering / Contact Improvisation and Solo Improvisation  

1:15-2:15 Lunch / Company Open Rehearsal

2:15-3:35 Electives

4:00-5:30 Evening Activity


Morning Technique | 10:00-11:45

This highly technical, movement-based class investigates the line of human movement and how it can affect the broader strokes of our dancing. Through the expansive use of the back and limbs, Varone’s style will be explored through an emphasis on breath, strength, dynamic lyricism and musicality.

Alternating Morning Class | 12:00-1:15

These classes will alternate from day to day.  Students who take both weeks of the workshop should expect to take a total of 5 Contact Improvisation classes and 5 Solo Improvisation classes.

Partnering / Contact Improvisation

In this class, we will play with a range of partnering skills. Through engaging in daily activities, we will practice ways to move weight through space with other bodies that emphasize coordination and awareness.

Solo Improvisation

Improvisation will provide an opportunity for students to hone in on their individuality, creativity, and ability to make choices in the moment.

Electives | 2:15-3:35

Each student will choose one elective class from the list below.  These electives are subject to change.

Repertory - Large Work

Company members will stage a section of one of Varone’s larger group works on participants for an informal performance at the end of the workshop. The class will focus on movement dynamics and spatial awareness within group choreography, as duets and solos gather seamlessly into group explosions of choreographed chaos.

Repertory - Exploring Excerpts

This class will spend short intense spans of time exploring excerpts (i.e. duets, trios, etc.) from a variety of pieces, offering an overview of Varone's work. Through this investigation, the class will experience the wide range of movement dynamics, emotional nuance and spatial architecture inherent in Varone's choreography.

Choreographic Devices with Doug Varone

Varone will emphasize compositional structure and explore new devices for expanding and inventing material. A large body of material will be created, varied and manipulated both in and out of the studio, pushing towards the development of a new work utilizing the material built in class. This is for participants seriously interested in choreography.


Daily company rehearsals open for student observation


Improvisation Jams

Special Workshops

Social Events


DOVA is continuing to follow CDC guidelines and recommendations


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